Children’s altars in honor of their beloved dead (built at our All Saints/All Souls Children’s Pop-Up Liturgy on Nov 3, 2018)

Via Sophia’s Pop-Up Liturgies are an opportunity for a community to gather informally and somewhat spontaneously in a public location to connect, pray and share communion together. Pop-Up liturgies are a way to celebrate the holiness of our common surroundings and meet people where they are at. Each month, a new location will be chosen (park, forest, protest, farmer’s market) as the “sanctuary” for the day’s service.

Pop-Up Children’s Liturgies

Children’s liturgies are held on a quarterly basis in Oakland, California. These liturgies typically involve art projects, songs, storytime and movement. All are welcome to attend the children’s liturgies, but they are particularly geared toward children 1-4 year olds.

Our next children’s liturgy will be held in February, 2019, in honor of St. Brigid. (Date and location TBD.)

Pop-Up Eucharists

Pop-Up Eucharists are held in Davis approximately every other month. Each pop-up eucharist includes gender-inclusive language, simple chants and communion (with gluten-free and alcohol-free options). Our next Pop-Up Eucharist will be held in January (date and location TBD). All are welcome to fully participate in the service regardless of age, religion, sexuality, or any other factor. God welcomes all and so do we.

Our next Pop-Up Eucharist will be held in Davis in January, 2019 (date and location TBD).

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